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Designated Smart Leads:

These are leads that are associated with a Royal LePage listing sales representative. EVERY Royal LePage agent will receive leads / inquiries on their own listing inventory. If you do not “Accept” the lead within 24 hours – it will be sent to a member of our management team who will be able to redistribute the lead back to you in Smart Studio.There is no sign-up required.ACTION:Make sure your email and cell phone are up to date at www.rlpnetwork.comCheck your email spam folder for any leads and mark them as “not spam”Recognize leads sent to you from the following:1-647-930-5070 (text messages)

Unassigned Smart Leads:

These are leads that are generated from inquires on a competitors listing from the Royal LePage website. ONLY interested agents participate. Participating agents may select specific areas (based on postal code) plus any other key listing criteria that they want to receive automated leads on. If you do not accept the lead within 5 minutes – it will be sent to the next Royal LePage agent who also matches the lead criteria.

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